3 reasons you are not losing weight

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So you decided to get in shape, go to the nearest GYM,  pay a membership,  and started to go but then after a few weeks you lost motivation and stop going. maybe you still paying for that membership without using it. Sounds like you? did you lost motivation to lose weight? I’m sure you don’t. I have been there and done that. but why you suddenly lost your motivation?  will try to explain with this five reasons why.

1. Get Quickly frustrated.

this may occur because you are looking short term when you really need to focus on long term don’t desperate all good thins take time and soon you will see the benefits.

2. Lack of compromise.

so why you decided to lose weight? it is for health issues? self esteem? you need to set yourself a goal. for example start with wanting to lose 10 pounds. don’t stop until you lost those pounds once you lost them set your goal to 20 pounds, and so on. remember that every time you get to the treadmill you are doing better than those who stay at the couch.

3. you are sabotaging yourself.

OK, so you are going to the gym frequently and still don’t see any improvement but are you eating right? are you drinking enough water? remember when you do exercises your body will demand more calories so if you are trying to lose weight don’t let the cravings for sugar or doughnuts control you, instead buy healthy food like fruits , veggies and low calorie food. always try to make at least 5 meals a day of smaller portion this will help to accelerate your metabolism. remember there are also 100% natural products that will help you suppress your appetite like Garcinia Cambogia with Hydroxycitric acid key ingredient to weight loss and burn fat.

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